Case Studies

Barbara, the executor of her uncle's trust, flew in from out of state to help process the estate. Her uncle, like most retired military members in Southern California, had accumulated a collection of firearms that he had aquired over his life in the military as a gun enthusiast, target shooter, hunter, and collector. This scenario happens commonly and Barbara was unsure how to proceed with the valuation and disposition of the guns. Per the family trust, the guns were to be appraised and sold with the proceeds divided among the family members. None of the surviving family members were gun enthusiasts or sportsman so no firearms would be retained by the family: all were to be sold.


Enter San Diego Gun Appraiser: Step one is to view the firearms and identify the make, model, condition, and legality of the firearms. Details such as originality, condition, year of production, functionality etc all contribute to the evaluation process. This particular estate collection was centered around WWII era pistols originating from different countries so the research phase was very intensive and required me to contact other collectors and published authors in the field of WWII pistols. The end result of this process was a detailed evaluation of each singular pistol and its accessories, and establishing an assigned value from a referenceable publication. Per the desires of the estate, the firearms were then listed and sold online with the proceeds going back to the estate. The transparency of this disposition model is one of the goals of San Diego Gun Appraiser. You have every right to know the value of your inherited collection and monitor the safe and legal disposition of the firearm.


As a retired Naval Officer, Mike has the ethical reputation, proven track record of success, and the background to assist in this process. From his early days as a sportsman, hunter, and gun enthusiast, Mike had accumulated a vast wealth of experience and knowledge in firearms collections and appraisals. Starting as a hobby and practiced in numerous states during his military career, there aren't many firearms that Captain Mike hasn't encountered. During his military journey, Mike met other experts in his field and developed an extensive network of contacts in this highly diverse and technical field. If you have a single firearm or an estate you would like evaluated, contact Mike today and discuss the options for your estate appraisal. Honesty and integrity are the hallmark of this business. You won't be disappointed.